Hiking on Samos - from Valeondades to Agios Konstandinos

walking from Valeondades to Agios Konstandinos:
From Valeondades to Agios Konstandinos:
Walk past the restaurant Ta Aidonia and turn right on the asphalt road to Manolates. Before the bridge walk straight on along the concrete road that climbs with a bend to the right. Directly after a house on the left hand side the road turns to the right. At a T-junction keep to the left, the road climbs uphill to the crest. The landscape opens itself with a view of the farmlands and the farmhouses in the direction of the coast. At a T-junction keep to the right, the road winds in the direction of the coast. Ignore turn-offs, keep following the country road. At a cross-roads take the road to the right, going down hill, the road meanders down with a beautiful view of Manolates and then of the coast again. You will pass a church and a few houses on your right hand side. The harbour of Agios Konstandinos then comes into sight. When the road bends to the right and you see on your left hand side a new house, walk straight ahead and look out for a foothpath (with black waterpipe) that descends steeply to Agios Konstandinos. The path is at first clearly visible, but halfway is somewhat overgrown. At the end of the path you will pass a discarded powershovel, turn left and then on the concrete road turn right. You will reach Agios Konstandinos at the main road (this runs through the village). Turn right to cross the bridge and immediately after the bridge turn left towards the boulevard.