Hiking on Samos - Walking up the mountain Lazarus.

Walking up the mountain Lazarus:
It's a good idea to decide before hand whether you take a taxi to Manolates or walk as the road to the Lazarus, there and back is a long an strenuous one. On foot it will take you about 10 hours, there and back. From Manolates there is a country road leading up the mountain. It starts right before tavern Lucas on the right hand side. The are several possibilities to shorten the winding road but they are all not well marked. At a height of about 800 meters you reach the main dirt road where you go left. Enjoy the beautiful view over the island! You reach the mountain Lazarus and have to find a path of your own to climb the steep and slippery mountain. On the top you have a beautiful view over the north and east side of the island. Find yourself a good place to have a Picknick and after that start your descent but be aware of all the loose stones on your way down. Follow the winding road to Vourliotes and stop there in one of the restaurants to rest for a little while. Follow the marked road to Valeondades.