Wellness in Valeondades

Sheltered from the northen winds and hidden from the pirates who once roamed the sea, lies Valeondades, a village in the heart of the Nightingale Valley. A starting point for numerous walks leading inland to idyllic villages such as Manolates and Vourliotes. A paradise for people who enjoy walking and for those who enjoy the type of peace that is only interrupted by the call of the tawny owls who spend their daytime near the village. This type of walking requires good physical fitness. This is necessary just in case any built-up tensions which you did not anticipate in advance, can surface. To help the body relax we offer one massage per week for a minimum stay of one week. This massage will be carried out by an experienced masseuse, Bernadette Koster. The relaxation massage takes about an hour and is based on sports massage and trigger point therapy. The aim is to stimulate blood circulation and relieve stiffness or sore spots in the muscles. Afterwards you will experience a beneficial rest and relaxation, and this all within a few steps back to your holiday home where you can continue this feeling in your own way. During your stay in our village you can make an appointment with Bernadette. The space under our reception is set up as a treatment room. Just take a walk down, and you will come back feeling reborn again!