walking on Samos - From Valeondades to Vourliotes

From Valeondades to Vourliotes:
Go down via the village kalderimi, pass the last house on your left and descend to the asphalt road opposite restaurant To Palataki. Turn left. Cross the river after 50 mtrs after seeing a big piece of rock and follow the path through the woods. Often you can hear the nightingales singing here. You'll reach a sandy road. Turn right and follow the road. The road crosses the river 4 times (the small streams not included). In summer and autumn the river which in springtime is fast-flowing has become a small stream itself. After the 4th crossing on the right hand side you will see a large piece of rock with on top of it a pine tree. Directly afterwards a path starts on the right hand side, well marked by stonemen and red dots leading to Manolates.
(see Possibility B Valeondades - Manolates).
About 150 mtrs further on, on the left hand side the climb to Vourliotes begins (stoneman and blue sign). Cross the river and start the steep climb. The path is much walked-on and well marked. Ignore all side paths. At the end you'll reach the church of Agios Spiridon. Just behind the church is a path leading through a meadow, marked by a stoneman. At the end of this path you'll reach a sandy road. At the end of this sandy road turn right on to the remains of an old kalderimi, which later becomes a concrete path. You will pass a cemetary. At the end of the road turn left, before the church turn right, after 20 meters turn left and then directly to the right and climb all the way up to the village square of Vourliotes.