Hiking on Samos - from Vourliotes to Kokkari

Walking from Vourliotes to Kokkari :
Start walking from the central square and turn left (passed the Blue Chairs). The street bends to the right and passes a little supermarket and then bends then to the left. Leave the village passing a parking area and after the bend to the left you will see on the right hand side the 'source house' and the restaurant Pera Vrisi, where they have delicious food. Follow the asphalt road leading out of the village. Where that road bends to the left, turn right onto a descending footpath (sign 'foothpath'). At a Y-junction turn right, at the next Y-junction turn right again (sign). Follow the descending path which is clearly marked with red dots . The landscape here is still recovering from the severe fires of 2000. Walk alongside a riverbed and eventually cross it. The path climbs and descends and at the end it meets a country road which you cross a little to your right. This area you now walk through for the next half hour suffered severely from the fire of 2000 and it is doubtful if it will ever fully recover. Follow the path down till it joins another country road which you cross slightly to your left. You descend to the river which you cross. Follow the path that bends to the right. Cross the river to your left. You’ll reach a county road with on your left hand side all kinds of glass houses (also made of plastic). Walk underneath the remains of an old aquaduct that used to be used to bring the water from the interior to the coast. At the end of the country road turn left onto a concrete road. At the end of this road you will reach the main road of Samos Town (Vathi) to Karlovassi. Turn right if you would like to visit Kokkari, turn left if you would like to go to the beach of Lemonakia, where you can enjoy a nice swim.