Hiking on Samos - From Agios Konstandinos to the waterfalls of Ambelos

walking From Agios Konstandinos to the waterfalls of Ambelos:
Start at café North Star on the boulevard of Agios Konstandinos. They have a very delicious latte machiato ! Walk in the direction of the harbour and take the 2nd road on your left, cross the main road and go further on a concrete road which becomes an old kalderimi (there is a sign with Stavrinides and an arrow). At the end of this path climb up on your left to the village square of Ano Agios where there is a fountain. Turn right on to a path that climbs up through the village. Turn left just before a house with a black gate and climb up stairs. As the road becomes a foothpath, you leave the village. You cross a stream and turn left. After approximately 50 metres turn right on to a path that climbs considerably. You go past a church and at the end of the path you reach the asphalt road to Ambelos. Turn left and follow the road until you come to the beginning of the village where you keep right. After approximately 500 metres, on your right hand you will see a sign "to the waterfalls and caves". Follow this well mantained path and cross a wooden bridge over a stream. Using ropes you climb up to the 10 metres high waterfalls. At this idyllic spot you will find a bench, from there you have a good view of the waterfalls. For the road back you follow the path leading back to the asphalt road. If you would like to visit the village turn right and enter the village. You can prolong your trip by taking the asphalt road to Stavrinides (with wonderful views of the north coast) and from there the foothpath to Agios Konstandinos.