walking on Samos - Stavrinides

walk to Stavrinides:
There are two ways to hike to Stavrinides:
1. Walk to Agios Konstantinos. Start at café North Star on the boulevard of Agios Konstandinos. Walk in the direction of the harbour and take the 2e road on the left hand side, cross the main road and go further on a concrete road which becomes an old kalderimi (there is a sign with Stavrinides and arrow). At the end of this path climb left to the village square of Ano Agios with fountain. Turn right on a path that climbs up through the village. Turn left before a house with a black gate and climb through stairs. At a white house with number 268 turn left on an old kalderimi, that used to be the old connecting road between the two villages. The winding path is continually interrupted by a dirt road that was made by the farmers to get an easier access to their farmlands. Turn left when the road and the path meet for the first time and turn right on a path after 50 mtrs (sign). At the next crossing turn left again to pick up the overgrown path again after 40 mtrs (also here a sign). You pass a house on your left and shortly after you turn left for the 3th time. After the bend to the right take the path to the right. On the 4th crossing turn right and follow the dirt road all the way up. The dirt road becomes a concrete road and on your left you see the cemetary. Walk on till you reach the centre of Stavrinides and bear to the right, around the church to reach restaurant Irida to enjoy a well deserved refreshment !

2. the other pssibility is to walk to Manolates and from there to Stavrinides:
Halfway through Manolates, above the " source house" you will see on your right an electricity pole with a sign saying " footpath to Stavirinides". The path stays on the same level for a long time. At a crossing in the path, keep on walking to the right. The path goes downwards. The paths keeps going downwards and please be careful as there are many lose stones around! The path passes a dry river bed and soon after this you will come to a country road where you turn left. Follow this twisting, slightly ascending country road until you see on your right hand side a sign "footpath to Stavrinides", turn right into a small winding road. Turn left at the end of the vineyard and walk straight ahead until you reach the end of the other part of the vineyard. The path descends quickly now. Go past a dry river bed and walk further down. The path now goes up en down . Eventually you will arrive at a stony olive tree yard. Here you have a beautiful view of Manolates. From this point it could be a little difficult to find your way. Keep watching out for the red dots and arrows and little " stone men" and you will surely succeed! Where the path seperates into two keep to the right. Then you will pass a bee-keeper and there are many dogs, who are luckily safely secured. Keep going straight on, walking along the wall of the vineyard. When the path seperates again keep to the left. Stavrinides now comes into view. Keep following the sandy path. As the path seperates again, keep to the left. The path then becomes a concrete road and descends further down until you turn left to Ambelos, or right to the village centre of Stavrinides.

walking to Stavrinides