walking on Samos - Pnaka

walking to Pnaka:
From Vourliotes to Pnaka and after to Avlakia (Tsabou Beach) or Kambos (Svala Beach) Leave the square of Vourliotes on the side of the green chairs and descend. At the end go left, directly right again and descend on a concrete road past a church and a school. After a house with a red tiled roof, covered with stones to prevent the wind from blowing the tiles away, turn sharply right and directly left on an old kalderimi. The route follows this old kalderimi as much as possible, but is constantly interrupted by a new concrete road.Go down, cross the concrete road, go further down on the slightly overgrown kalderimi. You reach the concrete road again, go left and go further down. The concrete road turns left, crosses a stream and descends further to the right. Be careful now : take the bridge to your right otherwise you go in the wrong direction ! There is a sign with "Pnaka" on it. Follow the sandy road till you reach Pnaka, an idyllic spot with 3 sources and beautiful plane trees. In summer there is also a restaurant. Follow the kalderimi on the right hand side of the restaurant down, ignore the path to the left. The path continues to descend. For a while the path stays on the same level till you reach a turn-off at your right, which you ignore. After that the path goes down quickly. At the next Y-junction you have to make a decision : on the left hand side (more or less right through) you go to Kambos. The route is very simple : follow the road past several houses and farmlands till you reach the asphalt road. Cross the road and follow the country road which leads to the sea. An object of interest is the church of Agia Matrona (marked by a sign) with beautiful paintings of the Genesis story. To go to Avlakia turn right at the Y-junction. Keep left at the bend, the road passes a knob, goes down and up again constantly, till you reach the asphalt road to Vourliotes. Turn left and directly right again on a path (blue arrow). Follow the old kalderimi again which leads you down to the asphalt road. You can cross the road and try to find your way through the woods to the beach or go left and go down the official entrance on your right. Have fun swimming!